July 22, 2009

OK! I am back at the computer and just renewed acquaintances with all the files in that black box in front. I'm actually better organized than I remembered... from when I left off awhile ago on this Million Bead Project book... It's my personal memory thing - ADHD? - when I'm working on one project I forget all about anything else I might have done.
Anyway, the real push has begun. I have my outline (table of contents) and that blue notebook is full of specifics for each chapter. I will go through the pictures next (I took way way more than necessary, but I didn't know that at the time!) and then I'll put the general story line together... After that it's a matter of sitting down at that computer and... 
Heck! I'm just going to estimate... 200 hours from now I'll have a first draft!
I need another thing to keep track of - Yes!! 
No, this is going to be fun! 

July 15, 2009

Here is Susan, my web designer, in her office. We're working on some of those many many many final details....
Yea! It's nearly ready to launch.
It has been great working with the principal of susanweaver.net!
PS. I hear she likes chocolate. I'm gonna do something about that!

Shipwreck Beads - A trip!

Normally I do not like to shop, but I make an exception for beads, and especially when I get a chance to visit Shipwreck Beads in Lacey WA. It's home of "The World's Largest Selection of Beads". Here I am ready to check out (both those carts are mine) with 30+ kilos of glass size 6/0 seed beads, the size we used in the first Million Bead Project. I'm a little nervous (the kind of nervous you get when you're about to spend a large chunk of money) but I have been buying beads from this company for many years. They have THE broadest selection of high quality beads, in one place, that I have found anywhere. I'm pretty sure that only the factories in Czechoslovakia would have more!
The visit was even more fun after
I got a chance finally to meet the owner, Glenn Vincent, his very capable store manager and HR person (as well as beader extraordinaire and teacher) Carol Bauer, and others such as Pat, who helped me from the warehouse, and Angela up front at the check out.
The whole staff at Shipwreck, a family owned business for 40 years, has always been friendly and helpful over the phone. But now it's even more fun to do business when I can picture some more faces.
Among the 16.5 billion beads in the store right now (Glenn's figure) can you see me hiding in the warehouse?

July 7, 2009

Wonderful morning.  I'm looking out at the pie cherry tree, whose fruits are turning deliciously red... Just another few days and they'll be ready to pick....
Meanwhile, Susan has been chugging away at my website... and I am so happy! I love collaborating. When the other party is loaded with talent and we're on the same wavelength, and I have no idea what they're doing (and I know I couldn't / don't want to do it) but I am thrilled with the results!  Ahhh. Life is good.
Check out more of Susan's graphic and web design work at:   www.susanweaver.net 
I am also really ticked to have met with my book designers, father-son team Robert and Erik Jacobson at:    www.longfeatherbookdesign.com
So...My next assignment... Million Bead Project BOOK. Keep cranking, girl..! 
But maybe I'll sneak out on a break and snap a picture of those ripening cherries...