February 28, 2013

The Ladies of Paletería Bering

As promised, permítame presentarles a las mujeres de la Paletería Bering.

(I think 'Bering' is a family name - not the 'Bering Straits'... although that's a cooling thought too.)
FRESH fruits, berries, nuts are prepared: Squeezed, chopped, pureed... and often combined...
poured into molds... and then frozen.

They also sell fruit concoctions in liquid form, not frozen. I haven't been through all the flavors  of either yet.
The picture I forgot to take was all the squeezed citrus halves, peelings, and other fruit leavings in heaps outside. A composting business is just waiting to be born! However, stay tuned for my upcoming coverage of huge vermiculture projects in the surrounding area.

February 25, 2013

Las paletas

Oops. Didn't do too well on the previous promise / challenge to myself. In fact not sure if I remember how to do this (scandalous.)

So testing:    ¿Que son? 
Hint: Se hacen esas a la paletería en la esquina. Son de frutas frescas.
(They're made in-house at the refreshment business on the corner... of fresh fruits and flavorings... in special molds... by special ladies. If I succeed here, I'll show you those details in my next post.)

And sorry if I make anyone jealous, but it IS warm enough here in Tomatlán, Jalisco to suck on one of these. In February. Ahhh...