September 6, 2011

What a Summer!

I can't remember when I had such a full summer. Which is great - except I need some serious processing time now.
To start, few shots of the "Contemplation Chair" that my daughter Paige Reid and I collaborated on in June. It's been in Moscow's ArtWalk all summer. This coming Saturday, our chair, alongside a couple dozen one-of-a-kind others, will be auctioned off at the Community Adirondack Chair Art Project. (Online bidding has begun.) All proceeds to benefit the Palouse Clearwater Environmental Institute and their many wonderful programs.
PS: Enjoy the rare shot of Mr Jimi grinning!

Labor Day was yesterday, and so I will include one teaser photo from the beginning of my summer... a shot out the window of the Cessna I flew to Elim Alaska in. This was near the Bering Straits, where I got to teach for two weeks at Aniguiin School... Yes! and ride in the cockpit next to pilot (and writer) Ross Nixon. Click to enlarge.

Now I promise to get back here soon and add a few other photos... to help me process...