December 13, 2010

Spanish 301 - Again!

It's been a privilege to take (for the 2nd time) a Spanish 301 class at the University of Idaho. La profesora, Irina Kappler-Crookston (center, brown sweater) is wonderful, and the other students are bright, funny, and I gotta tell ya, a lot quicker than me at mastering the subjunctive mood and all those verb tenses.
I won't be taking the final this week (out teaching a few too many weeks myself this semester) but I'll be back for another stab at it. Third time will be a charm?
In the meantime, this morning I called "my" guesthouse in the little town in Mexico where I'll be heading again next month, and found out that ¡Sí! they have room for me. We chatted a full 5 minutes - all in Spanish. Yeah!
I'm a few baby steps closer to realizing my mission: To use my art form to help build bridges instead of walls between our cultures.

December 8, 2010

Countdown / Cutting Up

Here I am in the process of finishing the prep for about 250 more looms. That's all 100% POST-consumer cardboard, too.
Just got a new account for my kits: University of Idaho Bookstore. (Vandal golds and silvers of course.) Have a couple more events this month, such as Buy Local Moscow but my main energy now is going into the draft of my manual... something about How to Help Weave a Million Beads and Make Friends Around the World at the same time...
Title needs a little work. Suggestions welcome...